Our Story

The year was 2020, and like many people, I needed an activity that would get me off the screen, away from my desk, and even farther from my apartment. I picked up a tennis racket, signed up for lessons, and never looked back. While my groundstrokes were starting to pack some heat, when I looked around at the tennis apparel options for women, my excitement cooled. 

“Wait, my only options are a skirt and a dress?” 

“When it’s cold out, I’m supposed to wear a skirt over leggings?”

“And where are the ball pockets?!”

And so, Modern Love was born. We’re well into a new century - shouldn’t women’s tennis attire be, too? 

I started designing a performance legging geared specifically for tennis. A legging that would provide functionality on the court (ball pockets!) but could take you through the rest of your day without screaming “this is my tennis outfit!” Tennis gear that you could wear when temperatures drop. 

The Tennis Legging is just the beginning. We’re on a mission to reimagine tennis apparel for the modern woman.

<3 Lauren

Our Mantra

Modern tennis apparel for the modern woman

Wear whatever you want.

Modern tennis apparel for the modern woman

Give it your all.

Modern tennis apparel for the modern woman

Look good doing it.

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